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As an infant Robert Hanson’s parents are killed, thus he’s raised poorly causing him to grow up extremely insecure. In high school, then college, he uses the pen name of RC Baine to write a book of dark fantasies that gets posted on the internet without his knowledge. It instantly goes viral. At the same time he meets his future wife who invites him to a Billy Graham crusade where he finds salvation. However, even with his incessant preying, he can’t get his book off the internet.

Years later, after his wife dies in child birth, his life starts falling apart. It is then that he finds people are dying in organized events based on his writings. Adding to his stress, he’s diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Feeling abandoned by God he attempts suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge only to have it dramatically interrupted.

He’s then put on a path where he meets Kim; who’s the woman of his dreams, until she lets him know that she wasn’t always Kim. When tries to run away, he hears God telling him to treat this person right so Robert befriends Kim. The two are quickly thrown into a life threatening situation causing a special bond of trust to develop. Robert is then confronted by Kim’s father, a famous evangelist. The exchange is loud, tense, yet biblically based with an unexpected outcome. 

Robert discovers that his dark secret has affected his friend Kim and will lead to her death unless he is willing to sacrifice his own life to prevent it. The only possible solution points to Kim’s boss, Alexis Hollingsworth, a very powerful and wealthy woman, who is obsessed with finding RC Baine.

Kim falls prey to her lust and an all-out search and rescue is launched to try and pull her back from her demons. In the process, Robert has to jump into his worst nightmare and confront everything he wishes he wasn’t.  


Book two picks up with Kim sleeping off her physical trauma, while Robert’s mind is forced to deal with the twisting effects of the injection. All of which causes him to forget one very important fact about his friend Kim.

Alexis wanting to keep the contract she has with Kim, is eager to exploit Kim and Robert’s relationship to her own benefit. Thus, she is planning to add Robert to her permanent collection, and use him to track down the elusive RC Baine.  In the process, he touches all the people San Francisco is famous for, and quickly develops a reputation. Yet, still feeling abandoned by God, he’s so desperate to save his friend Kim and to get everyone he can free of his book, he makes a contract with Alexis. He will give her everything she wants including RC Baine himself, if she helps him show how insane it all is.

While this final big event is being set up, Alexis starts to see Robert differently. She makes him an alternate proposal catching him completely off guard. Though it takes him to the end of his life, Robert will find that he is never alone nor abandoned. Thus, his ‘Last Minute Redemption’ will turn his lifelong nightmare into his greatest blessing.                              


Alexis Hollingsworth, the notorious billionaire publishing mogul is now the object of a Senate Hearing investigating Soft Tech, a subsidiary of her Falcon Press conglomerate which is contracted to develop software for the Defense Department. Besides being subjected to the boisterous Senator Richard Benson in the hearings she is also being maligned in the media for her past public antics including an alleged affair with a standing President. 

However, all of this scrutiny has yet to uncover the true darker side of Alexis and her involvement with the sadistic RC Baine. Alexis’ fifteen year search for the elusive author of Death by Design has culminated with RC Baine himself walking into her San Francisco penthouse. However, she is shocked to find her ultimate lust interest is now the sweet, unassuming and completely reformed Robert Hanson. Even though this godly man is used to bless everyone he meets, Robert himself can’t get past the fact that his God has done nothing either with his past or to get his book, Death by Designed off the internet.


As his cancer gets ever closer to taking his life, Robert’s desperation to resolve his guilt makes him enter a contract with Alexis. He will give Alexis her greatest wish by writing one last book if he will help him put an end to his guilt in a way that will first attract but then so repulse those his writings have seduced, that they will leave Baine altogether. At the end of an intense climax both Robert and Alexis end up with far more than they ever expected.

Unfortunately, as Robert’s lifelong nightmare comes to its final resolution, a far more insidious nightmare of Alexis’ childhood begins to be revealed.

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