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Published by: Morgan James Publishing  
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An Apology Gone Horribly Wrong is a romantic comedy set in the mid 80’s

Sam Milton is white male in his mid-thirties who gets into a minor fender bender. He’s stunned to find it is with the beautiful Chantell León who’s black and the hottest recording artist of the decade. Sam fumbles badly through the exchange, making Chantell extremely agitated.

Desperate to apologize, he’s able to get on the back lot of Universal Studios where Chantell is filming her first movie. During this encounter another accident takes place turning Sam’s apology into an international incident.

As Sam is taken to the police station, Chantell is on her way to an appearance on The Tonight Show. A minute before Chantell is to go on, she finds out Sam has been in a mental institution. She finds the police has just released Sam. In a fear driven rage, she goes on camera and pleads with the public to protect her from this degenerate since the police will not.  Still having Sam’s driver’s license from the accident, she divulges his full name and address. This sends a vigilante mob looking for him. Within hours, Sam loses everything, including his house, finances and reputation.  

Johnny Carson, whom Sam has done work for, is able to get the two together in hopes of resolving the situation. To avoid a huge seventy-five million dollar lawsuit, Sam comes up with a plan to let Chantell reimburse everything she has taken from him. She will be required to do six simple tasks, each one being worth 6.5 million dollars. Although each is simple in nature; and start out easy, each sequential task will get more intense, requiring her to have more and more trust in someone she doesn’t trust at all.

During the six events, both Sam and Chantell begin to realize God Himself is using this exercise to vet out deep wounds in both. This causes feelings to develop between the two, however, things don’t all go as Sam has planned, and soon, massive amounts of trust will be required of each.

It all ends with the most intense and volatile marriage proposal ever conceived. 

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