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Let me Pause and Explain

(Not an allegory)

It was about a year later when The Back Hand of God allegory came to pass. Though it was not total devastation as in the allegory, I still got hit in every area of my life. A relationship with a girlfriend I was expecting would lead to marriage became so difficult that we broke up. Other relationships dissolved. Work ended without being replaced. This caused my finances to evaporate. At this time, everyone in the best bible study I was ever in, all got up and moved away. I was left broke, unchurched and very lonely. However, through it all, the Lord was not silent. Not at all!

Outside of trying to remodel my house I had a lot of time on my hands. Though unchurched, the Lord was still talking to me. This was about the time when I received most of my allegories including: How an Eaglet Learns to Fly, The Ficus Benjamina, The Field of Plastic, Foundation of a Skyscraper, The Stallion, and The Potter’s Wheel. All of these allegories came from the Lord, who was trying to explain what was happening to me, and why.

Every time I received one of His allegories I was elated for a few weeks. It was then followed by intense fear. Then another allegory with elation, then back to fear. Over and over it went. There were times I felt so close to the Lord that I could reach out and touch Him. Then within days or even hours I was smothered in fear again. Sometimes fear was replaced with depression. It got so bad I wondered if I had become either Bipolar or a Manic-Depressive.

This didn’t make sense! How could a Christian go through such emotional upheavals? What was worse, I couldn’t explain it to anybody. It felt like I was sealed over and isolated from everyone including those standing right next to me. The Field of Plastic best explains what I was going through. However, as much as I would love to give you all of these allegories in order, if I did, you would become so depressed yourselves that you wouldn’t just throw the book away, you would throw it at me! So, let me break it up a bit and give you the reason for the difficult season. I will explain it with - The Ficus Benjamina - read it here.

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